How We Do

Database Backup

Unlimited backups with near cost to single copy cost.

Application Backup

Application softwares stored as versions with patchset in the software repository.

Data Deduplication

Cost reduction by combining the same data under a single reference

Data compression

Up to 20 time resource consumption with different compression algorithms

Data Reuse

Data can be used by clicking a version in a few minutes depend on retention time

Data or Site Recovery

Provide lowest RPO ( Recovery Point Objective ) and RTO ( Recovery Time Objective). FRS has as lowest downtime

Accelerate Migration and Upgrade Operation

Provide Agility and Cost benefits can be sustained post production operation then eliminate  errors on production systems that may raise

Long Term Projects

Decrease CapEx and OpEx costs for development  and preprod.

Provide Poroject acceleration and  reduct labor and coordination time

Save storage area and minimize growing needed disk  of all copy system

Investment  Cost

Decrease initial Cost of Investment and provide high ROI value. Thus will be occure lowest TCO

Platforms and Protocols

Provide different technologic platform such as  ISCSI –NFS-DNFS-Samba on Unix , Linux and Windows operational systems.


Can be used as data cloning for  forensic usage with simply tasks

Also provide data masking  different platforms

Do you want to try “fast recovery solutions” ?