What We Offer?

  • Improve Data Access Time ; %98 faster recovery to any versions of data
  • Lower Project Cost ; %90 Cost Reduction
  • Accelerate Project Time ; %80 Efficiency
  • Reduce Data Loss Risk
  • Reduce TCO for DR Site
  • Lower Operational & Monitoring Cost
  • Eliminate Software Bugs with Fast Recovery
  • Reduce Downtime ; Provide Low RPO and RTO
  • Provide Flexibility on Public or Private Cloud or hybrid Infrastructures
  • Provide Fast Data Virtulization ( V2P – P2V )
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx costs for test infrastructure
  • Reduce Labor and Coordination Time
  • Remote Site Replication
  • Data and log transmit once over network. Then only incremental block changes send to DR site over network. Consequently will be reduse Bandwith usage.

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